Ah, the Fire Pit

One of the quintessential things that you learn you have to have living on the country, is a fire pit. Everyone seems to have one and lots use them regularly in the winter. Great for a bit of warmth and light in the evening while sipping sundowners.

The New Shed!

Our new shed has finally arrived! The folks over at Mennonite Shed delivered it and set it up today. We’re loving it! It’s 12×20 not including the four-feet of porch.

Cat’s New Digs

(Our cat is in there; she is black so she is difficult to see.) We were going to try to find a new home for our cat, who is 13-years-old.…

Found a Property in Wellton, AZ

About 10 years ago, we decided that our retirement was going to consist of a sailboat on which we would set out to explore the Pacific Ocean (and possibly more…